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Burning Regulations

Burn Season is now now open. 

A burn permit for debris which includes brush, slash or burn barrels require a burn permit from the Seal Rock Fire District. Permits can be obtain at either the main Seal Rock station or the Bay Shore station. 

Materials prohibited to burn include: Rubber and plastic products • Tires (includes burning tires to start an approved agricultural waste fire) • Household trash & Wet garbage • Petroleum and petroleum-treated materials • Asphalt or industrial waste • Any material that creates dense smoke or noxious odors. (OAR 340-264-0060)

Permitted Materials
Yard Debris
Clean Paper
Unpainted Wood Products

Daylight ONLY
Water supply within reach
Attended at all times
No other combustibles within 20 feet


Piles larger than a small pickup truck bed must be physically inspected by Fire District personnel. If anyone complains that the smoke is making it difficult to breathe, the fire must be extinguished. One pile is permitted per burn day.
Additional restrictions may apply depending on weather, wind conditions and individual property features.
Recreational fires are allowed in burn pits no more than 36" across. Pits shall be a minimum of 10' from a structure or other flammable material.
Approved Burn Barrels with a screen on top to prevent burning embers are allowed.

See Our Outdoor Burning Policy