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Chief's Updates 

Chief Ewing’s Hot Topics May 22, 2023

Hello everyone. I’m pleased to get our social media presence beefed up. It’s a great place to share important information from your fire service.

This week I have three things, and they share the common crucial thread: safety.

Safety is something we often take for granted. I want to give you some food for thought so you can consider your own role in keeping you and your community secure and healthy this summer.

1. When you’re driving, think about where you are in your lane. Are you near the white line? The yellow line? How often do you cross one of the two? Pay attention to those driving near you and watch how often people disregard the lane markings. Awareness of where you are can prevent tragedy. Heads up!

2. Non-permitted burning ends on May 30th. Depending on weather, we may extend it until the end of June. Burn only combustible items; pay careful attention to your burn and don’t turn your back on it for a minute. If you can’t watch it, find someone who can. 2020 created some lasting fears about fire in our state. It’s something we hope never to have to experience again. Your vigilance with burning helps ensure that.

3. Fireworks are about to make their annual debut. They are legal in Seal Rock as long as they are certified and sold in the State of Oregon. Once again, the message from me is to be aware. Pay attention, use fireworks in a safe place and with care. More on this soon!