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Knox Box  Program

Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for firefighters and EMTs to retrieve in emergency situations. A Knox Box can also cut fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows. It can also reduce the potential of a firefighter being injured forcing entry.

This program is now available in the Seal Rock Fire District. It is the building owners responsiblity to purchase the box for their business or home. Fireighters will lock your building/home keys in the box using their master key. To purchase a box, go online to and click "Buy". Follow the prompts selecting "Oregon", then "Seal Rock Fire District". This will allow you choose choose the box and size. In addition to boxes, they also offer gate padlocks and key operated gate openers, all which are operated by the master key the firefighters carry. 

If you have specific questions about the program, call the admin office at Seal Rock Fire District at 541-563-4441. 

Knox Box
May contain: gate
Knox Padlock
May contain: electrical device