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Our History

A rural fire district protecting 16.5 square miles

The Seal Rock Fire District is staffed with paid and volunteer firefighters. 


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Housed at the Seal Rock Station 6100

Housed at the main Seal Rock station are:

  • Engine 61 is a 1,000-gallon per minute pumper with a 1,000 gallon tank
  • Engine 62 is a 1,500-gallon per minute pumper  with a  1,000 gallon tank 
  • Tender 61, a 1,800 gallon water tender
  • Command 61, the Chief Response vehicle

Housed at the Bayshore Station 6200

Housed at the Bayshore station are:

  • Engine 64 is a 1,250-gallon per minute pumper with a 750 gallon tank
  • Rescue 62, a quick response vehicle/brush truck carries 480 gallons of water, has foam capabilities and medical equipment
  • Squad 61, personnel transport/back-up rescue


Early History

The Seal Rock Fire District was established in 1962 and was an all-volunteer department. The main station in Seal Rock was built in 1968 and was equipped with two fire trucks. The Bayshore station was constructed primarily by fire department volunteers in 1980.
The five members of the Seal Rock Fire Board of Directors are elected to four-year terms and are volunteers themselves, overseeing fire department business and budgets to serve the needs of the community and fire district.