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June Newsletter from The Chief 

Chief Ewing’s Hot Topics - June 14th, 2023

SRFD is happy to welcome new volunteers:

·         Steve Robinson's family—Steve, his wife Suzanne, and his daughter Mercedes.

  • Joe Munger’s wife Madison is new, but slightly encumbered with child.
  • Eric Fuentes joined us after trying other departments.
  • Jeff Mathis from Pac-West volunteered his medical services with Seal Rock Fire.

We have added staff since the fall of 2021. We grew to 23 volunteers at different levels of capacity. We have Joe Munger and the other Duty Officers (10 in total) working in the program from the incident management side. We have 36 people on the roster.

Our budget has been applied to bring our operating gear and personal protective equipment up to standard. This will be an ongoing process, but we are proud of our progress.

We have changed the training schedule—still on Tuesdays at 1800, but the second Tuesday night will be the South Lincoln Emergency Responders gathering. (SLER, our volunteer association) Drills will be medical in nature and fire topics.

On Saturday, July 8th. SRFD will host an all-day extrication class at Station 61, taught by Chris Mills. We have invited both Central Coast FD and Yachats FD. Participants will net a technician certificate.

We received a grant from OSFM (Office of the State Fire Marshall) for staffing. The goal is to ensure peak staffing for weekends, reg flag conditions, and events.

Waldport Beachcombers’ Days begin the weekend of June 16th and we will join the parade.

 July 4th falls on a Tuesday and the fireworks display will be the 3rd. We plan to have vehicles placed down by the spit, plus rovers outside the traffic jam areas.

Thank you all for everything you do. Seal Rock Fire is an amazing place—our staff, volunteers, and community all make it so!

Chief Will Ewing


Chief Ewing’s Hot Topics May 22, 2023

Hello everyone. I’m pleased to get our social media presence beefed up. It’s a great place to share important information from your fire service.

This week I have three things, and they share the common crucial thread: safety.

Safety is something we often take for granted. I want to give you some food for thought so you can consider your own role in keeping you and your community secure and healthy this summer.

1. When you’re driving, think about where you are in your lane. Are you near the white line? The yellow line? How often do you cross one of the two? Pay attention to those driving near you and watch how often people disregard the lane markings. Awareness of where you are can prevent tragedy. Heads up!

2. Non-permitted burning ends on May 30th. Depending on weather, we may extend it until the end of June. Burn only combustible items; pay careful attention to your burn and don’t turn your back on it for a minute. If you can’t watch it, find someone who can. 2020 created some lasting fears about fire in our state. It’s something we hope never to have to experience again. Your vigilance with burning helps ensure that.

3. Fireworks are about to make their annual debut. They are legal in Seal Rock as long as they are certified and sold in the State of Oregon. Once again, the message from me is to be aware. Pay attention, use fireworks in a safe place and with care. More on this soon!